Kangaroo garments

La robe de portage peau à peau

The Kangaroo garments are for carrying and breastfeeding

Trois Plumes kangaroo garments are designed for carrying and breastfeeding a baby.

Trois Plumes designs products that offer new ways to carry a baby. This baby carrier is integrated into an attractive garment.

To develop our kangaroo garments, we collaborated with midwives and carriage counselors. The result: carrying comfort similar to that of a baby wrap. The kangaroo system holds the baby in a physiological position and ensures an even distribution of the baby’s weight over the whole torso.

Trois Plumes kangaroo garments make skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding easier.

There are multiple benefits of carrying a baby, especially skin-to-skin. It promotes the natural bond between parents and baby by increasing closeness and by making you, the parent, more receptive to all the little signs a baby makes to be understood. It is reassured by your familiar odor. It breathes better, breastfeeds better and feels pain less. Your movements rock it gently, stimulate its motor system and allow it to fall asleep in ideal conditions.

> facilitates skin-to-skin contact, fostering a peaceful relationship with your infant.
> ergonomics: the baby’s knees are slightly higher than its bottom.
> can breastfeed in the baby-carrying pouch.
> comfortable and adjustable, the baby’s weight is distributed evenly over the carrier’s torso.
> made of linen, a natural, durable fiber that has been organically grown and processed.
> allows your skin to breathe.

Trois Plumes kangaroo garments: a patented, innovative baby-carrying technique.

Trois Plumes accompanies you in getting to know your baby. We try to make your life easier and help you welcome your newborn into the world!