Our history


Julie in Colombia in 2002

The idea

Already when I was a teenager, I used to talk about making a dress for two, a kangaroo dress. As the sister of a premature baby, the idea of bringing the newborn closer to its parents was obvious.

My intuition was largely confirmed by the psychology classes I took at the University of Strasbourg where I learned that in Colombia, it was standard practice to use the kangaroo method for premature infants. These tiny babies are placed skin-to skin against their parents’ torsos.

While I was a student, I decided to go meet the team at the Fundacion Canguro in Bogota where I did an internship in 2002.

In 2004, before my first baby was born, I had the first prototypes made by my mother-in-law, an excellent seamstress.
Then, with the passage of time, the model was refined, and it was when my second baby was born that I really had the chance to test my idea! Thank you Clarissa!

It was then that I realized that, in addition to carrying my baby skin-to-skin in my dress, I could breastfeed her, too, while I carried her! So practical!

Following the advice of several people, I applied for a patent in 2012 for this new system of baby-carrying free of straps or knots. Also in 2012, I met Philippe Kuhn, who helped me embark on the odyssey of creating my own business. Then, in 2013, I met Susanne Horstkott who helped me refine the ergonomics and aesthetics of my original model.

At last, a team! I asked Susanne to join me in this adventure, and we created Trois Plumes in June 2014.

From June 2014 to the present, the Trois Plumes team has been putting together the necessary capital to begin, finalized its first models and obtained official approval, NF EN 13209-2: 2005, for its baby-carrying garments.

In April 2015, we launched sales, at last!

It is up to you to write the rest of our story! I hope you will help us in getting the word out about skin-to-skin carrying, and facilitate the encounter between parents and their newborns!

It is so magical to have such a close connection to your child!

Julie Fandi
Psychologogist, founder of Trois Plumes