coup en lin
lin avec du cotton

Label and the selection of fabrics/ accessories

Our kangaroo dresses are made almost entirely out of items that can be found in an ordinary sewing section of a shop, (buttons, snaps, hemming web, stops, etc.). All of these items have the oekotex label.
Irrespective of labels, we have chosen ecological materials for their own merits.

A garment made of linen – whether labeled or not – will always be more ecological than even a certified cotton garment. This is true because the growing and processing of cotton (turning it into fiber) has a significant impact on the environment, even if it is organic cotton. To produce linen fiber, on the other hand, it takes very little water, no pesticides, no chemical treatment.

For our first collection, we have chosen to go even further, using only untreated, undyed linen.

Made locally

Our poducts are made locally.

Trois Plumes garments are designed, to the extent that it is possible, using locally made materials.
For our first collection, we have chosen European linen. France, incidentally, is the biggest producer of linen worldwide.

As our way of life increasingly affects the landscape, Trois Plumes has chosen to develop products that offer constructive solutions. We are always looking for positive solutions and stay up-to-date on current innovations. For example, in Alsace, recycled fabrics and fabrics made of nettle fiber or other local plants have captured our attention.

Our manufacturing shop is located in France, which helps us minimize our carbon footprint and ensures the quality of our products, as well as the work conditions of those who make the garments for you.

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