Dress for breastfeeding

At birth, the baby meets its mother face-to-face for the first time. Increasingly, time is allowed for the meeting to take place at its own rhythm.

The baby is placed skin-to-skin on the mother’s belly. And if it is given time, the baby moves up to her chest and starts breastfeeding.

When mother and infant have been able to experience this, it becomes easier for breastfeeding to be established in a satisfactory manner for both of them.

Skin-to-skin contact makes breastfeeding easier in many regards. Carrying her baby skin-to-skin favors the mother’s production of milk.

The Trois Plumes kangaroo dress offers several possibilities for breastfeeding. If your baby does not breastfeed, you can lay him skin-to-skin against your chest and bottle-feed him in the kangaroo dress. Trois Plumes designs kangaroo garments to facilitate quiet moments of intimacy with your baby.

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